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This was a VERY cool experience.

I liked the write-up I did on the water jet I did last year, but this was way cool.

I took the tunnel cooler, front cooler and intercooler to PCG Powdercoating and Anodizing in Muscatine. It was an hour drive from Cedar Rapids. I got there about 9a and got home around 3p from the whole process.

It looks very cool and VERY expensive to run. You will see why in a bit.

Here is the anodizing station. The tanks are 20ft long, 3ft wide and 6ft deep. They have electrical connectors on each side that make contact with the supports.


The first thing they have to do is get them hung so they get the maximum amount of contact for the electricity that will need to run through them. Those hangers and finger contacts are all titanium....they have a couple hundred of them around the shop. The acids that used do not affect the titanium.

Here is the intercooler hung and ready to do in the tank. He ended turning it upside down so all the fluids would drain out.


They racked the front cooler over the tunnel cooler.


Here is Joe programming the timers for each tank. Once they are programmed, he just had to start one and it would tell when to pull it out and then just hit the next when in the tank.


Here they are sanding down the contact points on each end of the support. The system uses DC current. They said my stuff was kind of low on the scale so they would only be using about 450amps!!! If it was much bigger, they can run 2,000 to 12,000amps....I bet you don't go to Menards for a 12,000amp DC rectifier.


Here they are ready to go in the first tank.


Here are all the tanks. They can do any of the anodized colors by using different dye tanks.


They process that my stuff went through was:

Soap Solution


Costic Etching Solution


Nitric Desmut Solution


Rinse - again

Sulfric Acid Bath


Black Dye Bath

Rinse with Reverse Osmosis Water

Nichol Sealant Solution

200* Hot RO Water Rinse

Final drying.

Here is coming out of the Sulfuric Acid Bath


Everything is done with a hoist and you can control the hoist with a controller. After I told them the long one was a long u-shape. He would tilt it forward, then back and forward again to make sure all the material was out of it.


Here is my stuff right after the rinse before the dye.


And after the dye


Process done and on the drying line


Loaded in the truck and heading for home. The sunlight kind of makes it look a little brownish, but it is definitely black.


Here they are before at home in the shop light


Here they are in the shop done


A very nice job...


I do have to dig those two bolts out from the top. The sulfuric acid all the threads off them.
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