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Enough studs

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Heres a pic of the new additions, 192 of them to be exact. NASA are we clear for launch?? Summer would be boring as hell if not for quality garage time with the sled. Hope to see a lot of you this winter.

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That will help, but it's nearly impossible to put in enough traction for the torque of this motor. I ran 216 1.450 megabites in a 1000 Gade with the 1 1/4 Ripsaw last year. Still not enough.
Look's like they should hook up very well. How long are those? Where did you get the tunnel protectors?
Nice but I found through experience you get much better traction with square aluminum backers such as woodys or stud boy. More support. Not that I ever had problems with plastic but when I went to Stud boys' there was a noticable improvement. I like the medium nuts though!
Yea. I was just inspecting my plastic backers on my 800 and they are about shot after a year. I broke one and lots of holes enlongated. I am replacing them with aluminum.
I couldn't get enough traction with my z either
I actually went to 1.5" track anticipating a lot of powder last year
which we never got.
I am contemplating putting the 1" slicker back on & add more studs.
ANy ideas?
Yellow Z they are the 1.325 Gold diggers and the tunnel protectors are from Shadetree. Machzed did an excellent post on tunnel protector and stud installation a while back. The protectors you can get from doo are just not enough. I think the boys are right I still don't think it's enough to hook up with this monster!!
thats a different stud pattern
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Does Shadetree have a web site?
[snapback]918273[/snapback]​ It took two weeks for the shipping.

SKIDOOSKI, the pattern is from a Woody's template I bought at Royal Distributing here in Sudbury. My pattern is four studs per bar, there is also another Woody's template that has a 5 and 3 pattern. If the plastic backers last it should be a good winter.

Thank's I had a few guys looking for longer tunnel protectors and I guess I will need some this year as well.
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