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drop brackets

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i was wondering if anybody makes drop brakets for revs i only want to rais the rear of my sled about 1 1/2"- 2" if you have any ideas or pictures please respond
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i think theirs a place called timbersled products try them??
Specialty sleds
Check with wildchild on Snowest.
I had a nice set from "wildchild" on my 04. BJ picked them up from me, might want to check w/him & see if he's using them or would part w/them. Had wild make them with two settings, 11/2" drop & 2" drop. Worked really good ut he didn't have a pattern for my 06 & they changed the factory bracket a touch.
Wildchild's stuff is A++ quality.


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hoots do you have a closer picture than that i might bee able to make them myself at work if i knew what they looked like????
How is the install. Just ordered a set today.
How is the install. Just ordered a set today.
Mine were fairly easy, Just take time to get your measurements BEFORE you remove the stock brackets, and get the drops so that measurement is exactly the same, My Drops sit about 3/4 inch foward of the old, and that was after relocating the front mounting back as well, Moral of the story, take your time, double check your measurements and it will go fine. Another tip, the stock rivets will come off easier by grinding the heads off, rather than Drilling. The Timbersled Drops come with all new rivets.
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