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Drive Shaft Bearing Removal on PTO Side

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I just got my new track
and while I have my driveshaft out I also want to change the driveshaft bearings. I know the one on the PTO side is a pressed fit
, but am looking for pointers or advice from someone who has pressed this off and on before for the safest way to do it without destroying my drive shaft parts or buying any fancy BRP Tools I have a 5ton press. Just need to confirm if the plastic the speedo magnet screws into is snapped in and can be re-used if removed or ?? I know that it'll just crush
if I try to press the shaft with it on the end, and Im sure it comes off somehow.
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Cut it off with a grinder or Dremel tool. That is what I had to do when I replaced mine. Cut a nice groove into it and hit it with a flat head screwdriver and will split it so you can remove it. You will have to remove the outer ring first, then the ball bearings and do it again to the inside ring as I making sense?
i also had to cut my last one off,puller wasnt working...she was on tight...take your time if you have to cut it...fairly easy to do.
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The plastic speedo comes off in two pieces...yes you need to get it off first when using a press. The inner part is a bugger and you may damage it getting it off...about $10 I think for a new one if you do.

Then you can stick the whole shaft in your press and push out the shaft from the bearing.
Thanks for the help, once I knew it was safe to yank that plastic piece out of the shaft, I was able to get the bearing off with a small gear puller. It actually came off super easy I didnt even have to crank down to hard on the puller, after removing it and doing a inspection I'm glad I did it as the bearing shield was peeling apart and the scrapnels where actually lodged in the bearing seal I guess a ton of miles will do that. The tracks all in, I just have to run it tomorrow to adjust the tension and make sure it's straight, I'll have to wait it out 2+ more months to see how she handles and if the 21-45 gearing combo's gonna work on that old 600bigblock motor.
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