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I installed a CUDNEY Clutch Kit with PB-80 primary with the Ski Doo 531 Belt.
It's a Rocket with a few more on top!
I have a video of me 4-5 sleds ahead of an Ecotrail Winder & 10 or more in front of new BOOST in 4 tenths of a mile
If someone can tell me how to shrink the video to post it, PLEASE do
That Ecotrail is my old sled that I once GPS'd 121 on that lake. Not sure it's as strong now.

Keep in mind, NOTHING took my 900 last year STOCK until a SideWinder could catch me on top about 90ish
Even Roll-ons with 850's & Winders
NOW in ALL races, including Roll-Ons, it walks away & takes ONE MILE for a GOOD running Winder to catch me & creep by.

ALSO keep in mind that the BOOST rider & another Winder fella are about 70-80 pounds heavier than me, but the Ecotrail Winder is only about 10-15 more
When I swapped sleds with the BOOST, I was fastest on that sled, but only on top. That's a 160 pound swing also.
I ran over 30 sleds on Rangeley Lake just trolling up & down to measure myself & I pull away from everything.
I let Apex's go then get ahead by 15-20 sled lengths.

This is NOT a Gimmick or me Bragging.
This is just the way it was.
Everything on Rangeley lake had NO chance under a mile.
I didn't run any Big Tuned sleds that I know of or any other "Lake Trollers"

NOW the problem is in hard pack I can't run the SPORT MODE in trails cuz the ski's just won't stay down due to the INSTANT acceleration.
The GOOD news is I have NIORMAL Mode.
I LOVE that switch.
With SnoTrackers, Ice-Attack track & ALL the suspension set for less ski pressure, I'm surprised it goes like it does.

The 531 Belt is 44" to 44.1875" Long & 1.437" Wide
The 571 Stock Belt is 44.375" Long & 1.5" Wide

The 531 pulls MUCH harder & I think is faster on top. Only seat of pants & running other sleds
The Ultimax 821 is 44" Long & 1.437" Wide so I expect to have similar results, but was having TOO much fun to try it.
WHAT is the DIMENSIONS of the WBB Belt?

Any thoughts?

P.S: How do I post some videos?

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the wwb383 is very close to brp 383 but hard like 571
where the bad ass 383 is softer like a brp 383 or 821
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