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rampage said:
How much do you weigh? I thought about removing the blocks, I've seen several threads on that. You can also remove the rear rubber bumper, trim down that spot on the rail a little, then put the rubber back on. (this sounds like a better idea to me than removind the blocks.)
However, if you weigh enough (I weigh 225 without gear) you can get them to hook up right without removing or modifying the blocks. I think I went 2 holes shorter on the straps, center shock spring cranked up pretty tight, torsion springs set on 2 or 3. The torsion springs seem to be the main thing that effects it. If you're light, you might even want torsion springs set at the lowest setting.
Do you mean 2 holes looser on straps? Tightening them gives less weight transfer and better handling. Loosening them allows the front of the skid to come up and transfer more weight to back of sled.
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