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Anyone have any input on why I may be getting a coolant leak. Sled is an 03 rev800 with some light engine mods. Pipe, porting, reed spacers. Engine runs great on initial startup and first 10 minutes. When on a open stretch, under continuous mid throttle and up power, the sleds starts to stumble and then lose power. I pulled over and each time I had pushed antifreeze out by the PTO side carb boots. Can't diagnose for sure but think the PTO O-ring on the head may be leaking. Could my thermostat be sticking closed, creating pressure in the coolant sytem and pushing it overboard.

Wipe it down, limp it home and starts running fine again, with normal power for short blips. Check it again. No antifreeze now??? Not sure where that power loss is coming from either. Haven't seen the temp light come on, but thought maybe the power loss was from the MPEM pulling timing back. Any Input would be appreciated.

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