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what should the compression be on a 02 440 high and low please and where to get a compression tester at a local atuo parts store any help would be great thanks
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The sled has compression of 145 in each cylinder with the low domes. I put new pistons in it 3 years ago when I bought it. Compression with the high domes was 165. I thought the compression should be lower with the low domes installed but that's all it dropped! From what I know...your safe with 93 octane on compression of 170 or less...anything above requires race fuel. I make it a point not to race accross lakes all day - I've had buddies blow up their sled pushing them too much on the lakes

As far as the tester - you can get them at almost any auto store or a store like Walm***. Your more than welcome to test it...but I don't have one myself. I think they run about $20 for a cheap one. They have ones that you have to hold in place with your body weight or ones that screw in similar to a spark plug
thanks im not douting you im just playing it safe i ride alot in up state new hampshire and dont want any problems thanks jon i should have asked you first
Compression should be 135 or so with low domes. 150 for HC domes, assuming stock base gasket. Keep in mind gauges vary, technique for measurement vary and engines vary. Static compression is sort of a general guide don't pin all your hopes and dreams of engine longevity and problem free operation on static compression alone.

Check the sled over closely for cracks. Remove the airbox and cram your head in there with a flashlight. The frames typically cracked down by the fuel pump where the steering tube passed through the frame. Can't repair the cracks you just have to live with them. Thought you should know.

Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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