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I wanted to provide a quick review on my experience using an M67 Composit track.

I do this to help others who are considering purchasing a replacement track and know that this is only applicable to the M67 and more importantly to the mountain segment.

I put on an Composit M67 on to a brand new sled which now shows just over 300 miles. I ride with two others who both are riding new Doo sleds this year, one a 19 holdover and one a 20. When we compared the doo 3 inch to the 2.62, in mountain powder, the 3 inch doo wins hands down, much better performance. I would have expected this with the 2.6" vs 3" however, the difference was obvious how much better the 3 inch performed doo track performed.

My biggest complaint with the track is the durability. I am not suggesting I ride easy nor that I don't hit rocks or trees under the snow. The Composit M67 now has many torn and over 7 missing lugs in just over 300 miles. This is much worse than I would expect and since one of the 2 doo riders mentioned above rides the same exact terrain as me and we always ride together, I would expect some damage on his track if this was just damage expected from normal riding. Both of the doo tracks have ZERO missing or torn lugs at now over 400 miles for their sleds. My Composit track and sled are sitting at the dealer for warranty items and to get traded in. My dealer has told me that this track needs to be replaced for them to be able to take it in on trade. I have reached out to Composit who has been great to reply to my emails but will not offer any assistance. I expected this as there is no way to prove that I don't totally abuse a track. At 300 miles, many missing lugs, the track is ruined and needs replaced.

I would suggest that if you are looking for a track replacement for an OEM or for something to try, that you might want to look at something other than Composit for the mountain segment as my experience in performance (I know 2.62" vs 3") and more importantly strength and longevity are less than desirable.
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