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Had an opportunity to clutch a Summit 600HO ETEC for lower alt. 1000-2000ft. The 600 has a 146x2.25x16 track.

Not a real popular sled in our area but still a fun little sled to blast around on.

Sooo. Just throwing this out there for the do it yourself-er or anyone looking for a (Somewhat Close) flat land clutch set up. For the 600HO ETEC Summit.

Primary Clutch

160-350 BRP spring

415 ramps

Dalton pins with 18 gram slug and .5 set screw.

Clicker #3

Secondary Clutch

40 Degree Straight BRP helix.

Green Green spring.

Gearing was bumped up to 21-49. With stock chain.

383 belt was used for tuning.

If you want a quicker bask shift? Try a Purple BRP spring.

If you are low on RPM with this set up? Try 17 gram slugs.

If you are high on RPM with this set up? Try 19 gram slugs.

Good Luck and have fun tuning.
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