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Clutching experts on GADE secondary with RER.

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This is my first time pulling apart a RER secondary.Was pretty easy but now have a couple questions.There seams to be quite a bit of rocking on the fixed shaft ,maybe a 1/16" that seem pretty sloppy.I have 4700 miles on clutchs.(stock) Whats the best way to get the bushing out,is it locktited in .Also whats the spring rate/tension on the BLACK stock Doo spring .And is it worth going a little stiffer for more snap and back shift.Read last year that the Goodwin #420-548 (DARK BLUE & RED)was good.Should i change the primary spring also while im at it!
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No experts eh! Well how about some shade tree mechanics.
The black secondary spring forces are 160/300, 'Doo green is 180/300, 'Doo purple 220/300, EPI has a 200/300. Not sure of the others out there. Usually the small bushing is fine but I'm not there to see it. There will be some rocking in there without the support of the other half. The large bushing usually gets the most abuse and I've changed my own but been lazy last time and had dealer do it(bushing is somewhat expensive and I didn't want to screw it up).
As far as the rest
. I have a spring tester to check mine and sometimes they are out + or - new or not. -Grover
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Thanks Grover! I can test the spring rate with a weight scale and spring in my vise,actually pretty close results.I have the two sheaves together and can rock it side to side and get 1/16" play.If i stick the helix back in (no spring)it will only move as much as the play in the large bushing which is like 1/32" so not sure if it matters or not.The bushing is only $15 cdn (approx$10 us)
Here found this in my Service Manual:
Bushing Service limit:
Small bushing: 38.30mm/1.508in
Large Bushing: 108.2mm/4.260in
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