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Clutch interchange??

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What year clutches will interchange to the older style TRA thats on my 2000mxz? Can't use a TRA 3 because of the sheave angles right? Searched and can't find an answer on this. Thanks
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1999~2002 = TRA II HPV 27 @ 1-3/8 width
2003~2007 = TRA III HPV 27 VSA @ 1.5 width

If you have an older TRA II primary and want to use the TRA VSA secondary that is no problemoooo.....

Open the VSA clutch and remove one shim to make 1-3/8 width.
Close clutch back up, install belt and perform belt deflection exercise.

I've coaxed a lot of customers into doing this option. Find a used rer clutch no matter what year for $100~$150 bux and then get rer clutch kit. he he he

There are 2004 lynx models that have TRA III VSA primary clutch with old style 2003 formula roller secondary. The formula roller is straight 12 degree however shimmed for the wide belt.
Example LYNX RAVE 440 uses tra iii primary and formula roller secondary.

hope that helps
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Well I bought this to replace my old sec

And am now looking for a good primary. Might better stick with a TRAII I take it? My stuff has been rebuilt a few times, and is getting tough.
75 bones for a slightly used rer secondary...


Prepare for RER attack! ! ! ! !

there will be women and children crying and everything.....
Yeah couldn't pass on the price. RER that much better eh?
What I love about it "NO PRETENSION"
Excellent after market spring selection to help suit any discipline.
Robust bushing design.....although the newest secondary has best large bushing retainer.
Easy belt deflection adjustment.

....its the TITS ! ! !
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Yeah the bushings don't seem to last long in the old ones, bought 2 years is all I get, lot O miles though too.
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