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Check out this bad boy

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wow it can spin tires. i can do that on a bike. peddal one that is. it sounds like its got a chevy V8 in it. i wouldnt want to buy them tires. but its cool foolish but cool
seems like you could have alot more fun 4wheelin that thing rather than blowing 1000 bucks in tires and getting nowhere.
Someone definately has way more money than brains.
Still cool to watch though.
I guess thats one way to break in new tires...and for that matter...a new engine
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Can Only watch a guy spin his tires for so long
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500ss man said:
Can Only watch a guy spin his tires for so long

City boys and Big Trucks don't mix. Get that beast in the swamps!
bleach sure helps get 'em loose and spinning. way too much time on their hands.
I had to stop watching. What a waste of money.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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