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I was also considering a trip to Charlies Sat. Here is his report from today. If it snows there today and/or tomorow I will go Sat.....

HERE IS CHARLIES REPORT TODAY (He has a tough time spelling)

Today is,Thursday,February 2,2006 6:00 am temp 24 deg's , about 10 in's of snow on the ground, the trails, have 1 in's of new snow on them,ice'y base,the groomers were out wednesday, working with what we have to work with, looking for a little light snow today, all week temps around 25 to 30 deg's,

Don't trust the weather man,on the weather channal, when he says rain here, we will be getting snow, the trails, are like spring condition, with lots of good riding. riders getting in, 85 miles wednesday feb 1, other snowmobilers getting in short rides, saying the trails are in good shape, there is no snow anywere, but here in the adirondack mt's. come and injoy.

Trail Side, Bar & Restraunt, Mountain View New York, Snowmobile Poker run, Saturday, Feb 25 2006, come and injoy, some thing for every one,

Saranac Lake winter Carnival starts, Feb, 3 - 12, come and injoy, Theme ( the Roaring Twenties) parade, fire works,come and injoy all the fun.

Gas 24/7 - 93 Oct.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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