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Changing Oil Brand/Type questions

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Guys, I just picked up an 03 Renegade 800 with 1200 miles on it. The original owner used the Ski-Doo oil and I want to change over to Amsoil Synthetic. I drained the tank tonight as far down as I could go. There still is a little on botton, 1/4 cup or so (estimated). Can I just pour in the new oil or should I take everthing off and unhook from the oil pump to get the last of it out??

Thanks.. Jeff
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Just pour it in you'll be fine. I think it says right on the back of the Amsoil bottle that it's compatible,I did same thing along with all my buddies and nobodys had any problems.
i dumped in amsoil when my tank was just alittle over half full when i switched, worked out just fine
Which Amsoil do you guys use?
Interceptor works great...I mixed it with my skidoo oil when i first started running it and it worked out fine!!! Great oil!!
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