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Carbide Advice

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Currently I have on 4" carbides on the stock ski, but I am wondering if I need to go to 6" since I added the 1.25 predator - no studs. I have the easy steer plates, which will help the darting. I ride semi-aggresively to agressively at times.

Advise pls?
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Six inch carbides is always a safe bet anymore with what you have is over kill.
ya double 6 ers, seeing you have a bigger lug. if you had studs , id say 6/8 combo, or double 8s
I'd do 6" carbides. I have a 1.25" track on my sled, I have the precision skis on my sled, and run 4" bars all the way around, and it's pretty good. If I ever wear out the carbides that are on there, I have 6"/4.5" shaper bars to try next (A friend of mine works at Stud-Boy).

Friends of mine that have 1.25" tracks on their sleds with 4, 6, and 8" carbides. It's all just a matter of what works well for you. No one specific length is going to work for everyone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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