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Brake rotor removal.

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My Brake Rotor is rattling and buggin me.

Can I get it off without removing the entire chain case?

Can I pull the secondary clutch & jack shaft to the left after I remove the top gear in the chain case?
How does the rotor attach to the jack shaft, I don't see any bolts in the rotor?

Can I just replace the key in the rotor and fix the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.
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easiest to loosen track and remove chain case. sounds to me like your key is prob worn, hopefully is just the key and not the keyway in the shaft or the rotor.
i got mine off right now, i'm thinking about drilling it out evenly all around 3 rows to lighten it up.
Yes there is a keyway on yours. Others are now splined. They will loosen. I think the operator is a little too firm with his brake finger!
I've had to alter this on a few sleds. I have also learned how to better apply the brakes to correct these issues. In all in technique!!!

The key is probably starting to rock. I've changed them, I've shimmed them I, I, I... Its just wearing. Some of this has helped though. You can pull the shaft without taking off the chaincase. Look it over. -Grover
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