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Well I blew another track last weekend. This will be my second one on this sled. The stock 1.625 snocross track held up real good the first 2 seasons considering its tall height and 96 super long studs. The second track I bought from REV_Baron. It was on his 04 440 and it was supposed to be a better track than the 03. He had put about 800 miles on it. It looked brand new when I got it. I think he may have even Armor Alled it. I didn't stud this one because I figured the lugs were so long studs wouldn't do much. I was right for the most part except on roads.

Last weekend All the lugs on the right side except for 3-4 got ripped off. I lost a few on the left side as well. Well the hole track is delaminating because of it. I would be suprised if it lasts another weekend.

Once you have ridden a sled with a deep lug track it is hard to own anything else. The hook up is that good. I am thinking it may be a good idea to tone it down a bit. I do not want to go as low as 1.25", although that would probably work good with 96 Studs down the middle. So I am thinking of trying a 1.5" and maybe running 96 down the middle later on, like during the summer.

Which 1.5" track to buy. Nicksxr purchased the intense design camoplast for his yamaha and I have yet to see a proaction Yamaha hook up as good as his. However, now they have the 1.5" Ripsaw out. What do you think? How well does a Rip Saw do off trail?


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