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Half way haven is approzimately half way between Sault Ste Marie Ontario and Wawa. It is an awesome place in the middle of no where. The hospitality is excellent, only topped by the quality of their food. The trails there are also excellent. It is right on the groomed trail. Its 85 miles from Searchmont to half way haven, and on the other side of half way haven its 70 miles to Wawa.
The trails are a variety of old logging roads where you can average atleast 65mph, to tight and twisty trails. The power lines are also right there if you want to do some boon docking. And there is plenty of unbroke (virgin) logging roads. There is currently well over 3 feet of snow up there, I would say 4 feet in some spots. I made it about 30 feet down one trail on my 05 rev 600 with 1.25" track on it.
They also have a hot tub, and a Sauna, Satelite TV and amazing food. I would recomend it to Anyone, from the trail rider to the powder rider and anyone in between. There web site is
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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