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Wondering how to share your experience?

There are a few ways to participate:

Email or call Dr Bruce Jamieson at [email protected] or 403.220.7479

Email or call Lori Zacaruk at [email protected]
or 403.850.3042
Fill in the blanks in this form.

Below are some of the snowmobile incidents currently being reviewed:

2002, Dec 28 - Allan Creek

2003, Mar 20 - Ram Range

2003, Mar 26 - Fairy Creek

2003, Mar 27 - Brewer Mountain

2003, Mar 31 - Scallop Mountain

2003, Apr 6 - Holt Creek

2004, Feb 2 - Norns Creek

2004, Mar 20 - Mt Symons

2004, Dec 12 - Allan Creek

2005, Mar 30 - Jersev Creek

2005, Apr 1 - Tsuius

2006, Mar 5 - Fairy Creek

2007, Mar 9 - Hall Mountain

Feel free to share your experiences even if they are not connected to one of the incidents noted above.

We need your input!

Seems like an odd time for messages about avalanches and snow, but many of our organizations are hard at work improving programs and resources.

Hopefully we can draw some of you away from the hot sun to fill in a few details for the upcoming book: "Avalanche Accidents in Canada Volume 5".

Dr Bruce Jamieson and his team are summarizing a decade worth of reports. This book series is heavily used as a teaching and research resource for avalanche professionals and students world-wide.

Unfortunately some of the archived accident reports are missing some useful details. Bruce is hopeful that Zac's contacts might be able to fill in some of the blanks.

Help is needed from snowmobilers that may be familiar with Canadian avalanche accidents that took place from 1995 - 2007.

Please pass this around to as many riders as possible as the printing deadline is coming right up!

Dr J's staff are highly professional and compassionate members of the avalanche community that recognize the sensitive nature of this work. The intent of this publication is to pass along the facts in an effort to highlight the recurring patterns of weather, snowpack, and human factors that often contribute to close calls and tragic loses.

Your experiences & knowledge could save a life!
Please take the time to share!

Ukranian Mafia
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Good Post..sure Lori will appreciate it.

If someone knows something about the above, get in touch with these people..can help save a life

We're All Gonna Get Stuck!
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Got the e-mail from Lori the other day. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with these particular incidents, but I do encourage those who do to go ahead and help out.
I know I'll be interested in reading it when it's all done.
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