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BRP says stand by for a batch of answers the week of FEB.1. Did they mean 2005 or some other year. Maybe they are waiting until every last series 3 engine dies and is tossed into the scrap bin.It seems that BRP is looking for ways to gain the number 4 position in the market really soon. ( a note to the brain trusts at BRP) You can only sell stuff that falls short of promises for so long until no one will buy the hype and bs anymore.All kinds of quality problems. Premature failures on everything from engines to sliders to springs and shocks and frames and and and. A customer service line that is pretty much as useful as a padlock on a paper bag according to most who have tried to get answers there.
Maybe in their next great cost cutting/ profit boosting search, they have figured out how to bypass the R and D expense by selling us unproven machines, waiting to see what goes wrong and then desciding whether fixing those problems on future models is worth the cost or not. Maybe BRP would like to answer the question I just posted to them before they bother song and dancing the other questions about product problems?

On second thought, I doubt they even dare to try and explain how they really don't give a crap about the concerns of the people who pay their wages and feed their families.

or is it just me?

Signed, a fragged ring again REV and a saggin "edit for bad language" Renegade owner whose dealers answer for everything is "I don't know"..
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