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We've been running Eel's Creek across from the Pheasant down to the village rather than screw around in the ditch @ the south wye. Be very careful though should you decide to run the creek. Watch for orange flagging tape on your right & a yellow sign w/ black chevrons. Plus there are some balsams thrown on the ice. Go on the right hand shore where the tracks go up the bank. There are tracks heading straight but they're from some of the local idgits running open water on a corner. You don't see it till the last second.

After travelling on land for a couple of hundred feet, you cross the creek again. Follow the road up to the main street. Gas is to your right.

Don't follow the sled tracks across the street or you'll wind up in our back yard. Don't laugh, it's happened in the past. My blue Chev will be in the driveway.

The no name gas bar is not open on Sundays. However if you keep going the Shell is open 7 days a week till 6 PM.
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