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Over this last weekend we had a number of accidents causing some sever injuries. We also had two hit and run accidents that we need help in solving.

The first hit and run was on Lake Nemekagon on Sat night. A rider had stopped on the lake to read directions on a trail marker. As he was stopped a snowmobile side swipped his snowmobile knocking him off the machine. The driver of the snowmobile that hit the victim then kept driving and never stopped to render aid The subject that caused the accident is unknown. The victim in this case was a 24 year old male from Iowa. He was life flighted by helicopter to Duluth MN. The victim recived two broken legs. This incident happened in front of the public boat landing by the Loon Saloon, on Lake Namekagon.

The second hit and run took place at a stop sign on the Tri County Corridor in Iron River. A snowmobiler was stopped at a stopsign when an eastbound rider struck the stopped snowmobile tearing the skis off of both sleds. The driver that caused the accident was thrown from his sled. The driver that caused the accident then got up and hopped back on his snowmobile and proceeded down the trail. The snowmobile was found a half mile away abandoned. The snowmobile had been reported stolen.

Any information on either of these incidents would help. If you do have information about these incidents please contact the Bayfield County Sheriff's Dept. at (715) 373-6120.

I will try and get some more information regarding types of sleds that caused the accident and the time that it happened. Thanks
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