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Anybody seen this yet????

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thats one of the weirdest looking things i've ever seen , it makes the new yammie phazer actually look normal ....... looks a lot like a motocross bike and probly be fun to drive where theres not a lot of deep snow .... im gonna check this thing out a bit more
Hey, Its a phazer look-kinda-like it thats standard....hmmm.....Kinda looks fun.....

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Looks like it has great suspension and fun to ride!!!
that thing looks sweet, Like a rev mixed in with a dirt bike and a atv, It's probably the future of snowmobiles.
That thing would suck in deep snow b/c its a 6-speed standard. And i dont think it would even work b/c snowmobiles dont roll good enough to shif geers where a quad or dirt bike rolls for a long time.

Where am I gonna strap my chainsaw?
Thats not what s snowmobile sounds like!!!!!
looks like fun though.
05GSXRIDER said:
they have been out for about 4 years now they are called a snohawk I have only seen one in real life and none on the trail.

and rotax is onboard as well
Not the same thing. Snowhawk has one ski...these have 2
my bad I didn't see the other links with more pics just a side view. Real similar deal tho.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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