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any help with 809 in zx

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any body have pics of 809 in zx body or any help of any kind would be great going to start the swap this week thanks
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open800x said:
any body have pics of 809 in zx body or any help of any kind would be great going to start the swap this week thanks
ill try to find some pics...but it was not that hard at all to get it in there...did u buy the complete kit? i sort of made my own up... i did buy the plates....
no i did not buy the kit i am going to try to doo it as cheap as i can but if i have to i will pics would be sweet
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what did you doo for pipes?
any one ??????????????????? thanks
i looked at doing the same swap. you need to buy the zx plate, the clutch will work as is, and you have to either put pipes on, or just use stingers, the stock can will not fit. then you need aftermarket air filters, the airbox wont fit anymore.
I contacted the Crank Shop about doing the same swap, they told me it was not worth doing.
the PTO side pipe has such a weird bend to it you loose alot of HP and with the weight added by the tripple they said an 800 twin would smoke you every time.Not to mention it's about $1300.00 for the pipes.

They did say that there was another pipe manufacturer making pipes but you have to Butcher up the chassis to get them in.

With $1300.00 you can buy a low mileage 800 twin.
I think Kelseys porting/head/drop in piston kit would be a better way to go.

I took out the crank and need pistons ,but i have the 780 tripple to put in so I think I will try the tripple and sell the 700 twin for parts any pics would be cool, need some thing to doo any way
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I have the same idea I have a Crank Shop 1025 thinking of putting it into a 98 mxz chassis just because I have one and the cheapest way for me to up grade my power level of fun. Not going to start till this summer, at that time I currently have in the chassis a 740cc Crank Shop twin that I will be selling, Can trail this sled all day long on premimum gas. If you can find a 670 engine that is another way to go it will fit in no problem. I think you may be happy with a 670 ho can not beat it as a twin. Have Fun Good Luck.
Check out Bondi engine's, he has a complete kit to install a triple in a zx.
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