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Josh gave me a call last night...He went to the doctors yesterday for a follow up.

His jaw had already been unwired, but a screw remained in each side of his jaw...The doctor said that everything had been heeling very well (kids
)...His chin has healed extremely well.

Josh asked about removing the screws and was told by the doctor that it was usually done in the operating room under a light sedative...Josh said screw it and the doctor made two cuts into his jaw from the inside, broke out the phillips head screwdriver and cranked them out.

I had planned to take Josh with me to the DOO Appreciation Ride, but the doctor advised him it was to soon.

I asked Josh if he had plans on racing again next year and his answer was "Yes".

He has already contacted Steve Cowing at BRP and is waiting to hear back from him.

He's a good healthy kid and should rebound from this with zero problems.

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