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Amp Draw on a Heat Shield

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I wonder if I can run my heat shield, my 3v (2 AA) GPS and a pair of noise cancellation headphones off of the one RCA plug I have for the Heat shield.
I'm sure the GPS and Headphones do not draw many amps - But i have little idea on the shield.
I also have the Ski-Doo 12v Cigaret lighter installed, but it is So flismy that whatever I have pluged in there gets only intermitent power while riding. I might just hot wire into that though for the GPS and Headphones.

(I don't know if the noise cancellation headphones will deal well with the 800 pt, but they are cheap enough to try. Now that I have a Rev only my wrist/fingers/hands and ears ach for days after a ride. If I can cut the noise that will help. If I can find some vib isolators - who knows? It might be nearly Pain Free! On the Yamahah ALL of me Ache for days afterwards!!
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Hello Chull. Measure the resistance of the shield with an Ohm meter. Divide that resistance into 14 volts. The result will give you the current draw.
I hope this helps,
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