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At the moment I don't have any pictures of the ski in question but it needs some work.
-The mounting U-braket has it's bolt holes somehow worn offset and I need to figure out how to get that symmetrically fixated.
-The underneath of the ski is something completely custom made and totally worn out. It seems to have been a 1/8'' thick sheet metal bent in a C channel to have 1'' deep blades side by side; bolted onto the ski and welded at the front. (or square tube with a side cut off).

I guess my questions are;
- What were the stock blade like?
and (considering everybody says the Alpine doesn't turn-for-****)
- What kind of drastic modifications have people tempted to make this vehicle turn better?

I was thinking of making three blades to dig in on each side and in the center like this: " / | \ "

If anybody has pictures or suggestions, I'll be tackling that soon.
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Also that coil isn't holding on anything. I don't know if the original ski had coil over shock, if I should figure a way of welding some big washers on the shock to keep the coil slightly compressed and the shock extended? Is that a desirable thing to have on this heavy vehicle?
Finally, I've noticed some older models used to have a chain to limit the ski's rotation; any comments about that?

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