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I have sifted through lots of parts in a short amount of time and one thing i have always seen is tore up airbox boots. My 89 formula plus has the 536, the airbox boots are longer then others I have seen, at least for formulas and I suspect others have run into this problem as well. The thin rubber is just crap. I realize proper seal on the front side of the carb is not near as essential as the back, however, if nothing more than structure, I believe I have found a better solution. I refuse to pay $30 a pop for these 2 model yr only boots, but needed more structure because of the poor quality of the rubber, however no chunks were missing.

My solution, rubber roofing/gutter tape. I had previously tried 100% silicon because I knew temperature wouldn't effect it, it did not stick to the boots rubber. My days as a sheet metal worker on roofs reminded me of how useful, malleable, weather resistant, and most importantly sticky the stuff is. Which is why most people electrical tape, its the only tape that works at cold temperatures, maybe.



So I went to my local Menards near the rubber roofing section and viola!. As the temperature in Wisconsin is balls up in your stomach, I brought my project inside. The stuff is shown in the picture below 4 inches wide 10ft long, $7.00. It has a peel off side with super sticky rubber. I measured the longest distance, the top of the hose clamp lip, and the width of the boot. You can always trip the excess off the end.


I found a container that fit my inside diameter well so I could press it onto the boot, once this is on, it isn't coming off.


I have yet to test run it, but I am happy with the results. A little black Kylon Fusion, and its better than new.
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