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'99 MXZ 600

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I hear alot about cleaning the RAVES in the RAVE motors, what are the RAVES and when they clean them, is this something i can do, mind you, i'm by no means a mechanic, and i have no idea if they have evr been cleaned, and the sled has 2,500 miles on it. Where are they located and what is involved when cleaning them, please give me a complete run down of what to expect/do, thanx in advance, Jim
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there is a thread about cleaing the rave valves and what they are, are the Rotax Adjustable Variable exhaust is what i think it stands for that it is are the dome things on the exhaust side of the engine. Look for the thread on cleaning them, I had it on my old computer but not on this one.
do they unscrew, pop off, how do they come out, and what do i look for?
some have screws holding on cover and some have clips that slide over top of cover. take the cover off and then i think you just pull out, be carful of the gasket. then depending on how bad they are just wipe them clean, i use brake cleaner stuff when i did mine, get the grime off. then put them in same way you take out, i suggest do one at a time so you dont mix up, not that it should really matter.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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