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98 ski-doo formula 583/ which oil to use?

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Just bought a formula deluxe 583, what 2 stroke amsoil should i use for this sled? Does it have power valves?
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[i'm talking about 2 stroke oil joker!
He is being serious, mineral oil, as compared to synthetic. I have a '99 MXZ 600 and i asked the dealer what oil i should use and they told me, that the 600 is not considered a high performance engine, and i'd be throwing $$$$$$ out the window to use synthetic oil. I am using the mineral oil made by Bombardier @ approx $20.00 a gallon.
Ok now apologize...And then all will be forgiven....

Last winter I was using a synthetic blend Esso 2 stroke oil in my sled..Rave valves were clean as a whistle....And it was only 3.75 a litre..
Can't go wrong with Interceptor.
This is my first sled, i keep hearing this oil is for power valves and clean your raves? Does my sled have any of this or do i have to worry about anything? What about hp injector by amsoil as well?
We always ran skidoo xps mineral oil in our old sled (97 formula 583) and we've never had a problem with it
Your 583 has "power valves", "exhaust valves", or R.A.V.E. valves. There those plastic things just above the exhaust pipes where they come out of the engine. Black plastic with a red adjustment knob. You should clean them once a year.

You can use any oil you want. Certain kinds will make cleaning the RAVE valves easier.

I've used Ski-Doo mineral oil, synthetic blend, and full synthetic before in my sled, and in my cousin's 97 FZ 583. Probably the synthetic blend left the RAVE valves the cleanest. The mineral oil was good, too. The full synthetic didn't burn quite as clean, and was expensive, and smelled terrible. Although we used the full synthetic years ago, and I've heard they have changed their formula since then.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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