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hey everyone first time posting on here. i have a 98 mxz 583 that started running rough and few back fires to eventually not running at all unless using primer.

looking into it i found no fuel coming out of the fuel pump (fuel line to pump is clear and i tried taking gas cap off)

manually pulse the pump with my mouth it seemed to work fine

next checking the pulse line it was in good condition tight on both ends with no holes. i had my buddy pull starting it will i had my thumb on one end to feel for a pulse(line is on mag side) and it felt like nothing was there

assuming the compression is good because i can pulse the primer fire it up and it rip it for a few seconds before she bogs out and putting my thumb over spark plug holes they both feel strong compression

Im well rounded with being to check and diagnose + repair from what ive found the crank seals are what people are saying but i know there may be other leaks people have encountered. would like to know everyone thoughts on this. thank you
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