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alawens said:
My 96 FII600 is guzzling gas bigtme, and fouling plugs.When im WOT it seems like its almost flooding out(or starting to foul,even kind of a miss) but if i let off the throttle and hit it again it seems to pick back up and go as it should.Ive cleaned and synced the carbs and the jetting is all stock 50-50-50,330-330-330.The spark plugs are burning perfect(light brown).My question is this ,should I try dropping the needles 1 clip or should I look somewhere else ,maybe go down a little on the pilots? Thanks in advance for any replies.

Id sell it and get a 1978 Artic cat Panther.My friend Dave has one for sale,hes a real smart guy.Also I would look at a 1971 Ski horse,they are very reliable and go like a Scaulded Rat!


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