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Great work and great thread! I am sure many if us regret not documenting a restoration.
Too bad this VINTAGE section did not have a pinned thread of nothing but pictorials (or links to flickr albums) of different project builds sorted by year and model. No comments, just picts. So many of us could use these for future builds. Before and after shots are so helpful for the future projects of many.

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Right now it is 45 F outside and raining. It is supposed to turn to snow later in the day, but I doubt if anything will stick.

I also feel great when a project is completed, but the money spent getting a sled back in shape is crazy. The pint of silver paint was $202 with my cost being $139.99. That is $1119.92 per gallon!!!! (I keep a pretty accurate speadsheet.)

The only two things that I did not do myself are the powder coating and the actual prime and paint of the hood. Other than that, all of it was done in my workshop and garage in less than four months. With this sled, I spent $3740 USD. I think I paid too much for it to begin with. Back in November, it looked better in the shed than when I got it home. LOL

Purchase Price $800.00
Shop Manual CD $15.94
Shop Manual Paper, IPC $26.59
Taillight lens $34.50
Fuel Sending Unit w hardware $46.00
BR9ES $12.00
tee nuts $10.23
paint and cleaner $43.52
Tail light bulb $0.51
Sway bar bushings $17.00
Airbox/carb boots $95.72
Rope, JB Weld, Hi Temp Paint $20.19
Rivets $28.00
Decals $165.00
Skis, Skags, Rubbers, Pickup FP Kit $352.00
Fuel Pump $34.65
Tie Rod boots $180.00
ski rubber tops $50.00
Filler, Hardener $22.00
JBWeld, Paint $16.00
Belt, trunions, straps $90.56
Ski plugs $19.00
More rivets $12.00
PowderCoat $580.00
Hardware (grommets, washers, vent) $19.00
Glass Mat, Black RTV $12.95
Oil Filter $8.44
Fuel Line 1/4 $10.99
Fuel Shutoff Valve $12.50
Yamabond4 $15.22
Reflector $9.99
Gasket Set $58.63
537 Head $79.00
Carb Boots $41.00
Pistons and Rings $226.00
Clamp screws (4) $2.70
Gasket paper $8.50
Pressure Test Valve, plugs $14.70
Hunters (misc.) $109.00
Track clips and hyfax $93.00
Headlight trim $40.00
Paint $7.13
Hood Prime and Paint $300.00

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looks like money well spent.


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Thank you so much for sharing, those pictures brought back many memories. What a beautiful result, that is true art.

Congratulations on an amazing project.
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