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hi im here under a new name cause i forgot my old password ..

but now a got big deal for engine guys!

2 years about 100hours on my rs800r ptek and 1 month ago it toasted a worm gear on waterpump shaft.

i looked prety much everything i could in my garage and talked to few dealers and they all said that was bad luck and they hadnt saw this before (?? maybe) so everything looked fine threw brand new shaft it that boy and now about 15-20 hours after boom toasted again!! during a hard rippin session .....

im missing someting for sure but dont know anymore where to look at ...

i know it happened to some guys here .. what was causing that on your sled if you figured it out and it is now ok ?

thanks a lot for help and more for personnal experience id like to ride again this winter ... cause i dont throw anymore waterpump shaft in ittill i have figured out the problem ...:/
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