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These are 700 cylinders with 800R boots w/vforce3. As part of my 600RS/700 build.

I bought aftermarket SPX boots, installed them with a brand new gasket that came with the vForce3 reeds. They were leaking like crazy between gasket and the cylinder surface & gasket and the back of the vForce3 reed.

I'm using Masters Leak Tester (good to -35F) - which is darn amazing compared to soap and water.

I tried Permatex High Tack on both surfaces of the gasket with some stock BRP 800R boots no leak around the edges anymore.. It leaks like CRAZY out of the top 2 bolts.. right under the heads.

Next up, Threebond 1194 on both surfaces of the gasket, I waited about 5 minutes (EDIT: Just read the package and it says .. seals in 20 min..) after torquing down to 53 in/lbs, sealed around the edges but still leakage under the heads! Maybe I didn't wait long enough??

I have not tried gasket tack or Threebond with the SPX boots yet. As I only have 1 more spare gasket.

I used a very fine large width file to smooth it a bit, then lapped the reed surface with a 400,600,1000,2000. It still has some slight pitting though, very minor. (Both PTO & MAG have this issue, yet the MAG is not pitted so I don't think this is the issue)

I'm tempted to try Permatex RTV "The Right Stuff", but it says not for contact with Gas!

Before lapping:

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Leaking like a Mofo - Spark plug leak, I've never seen before! The BRAND NEW 700 head was rough on the seating surface, so I lapped it with 400,600,100,2000 and that was fixed.

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