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800 Skidoo makes 172HP

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wow..that looks like fun 218hp at 9100rpms sweet
thats crazy power , they better strap me down and stick a few cinder blocks on the front end before i ride a thing like that or i"m flying right off the back and the sled doing a backflip , it would be pretty cool to ride a sled like that
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Is that the dyno load/operator or does it have no power down low & the mid range ? It seems to really lag below 8000 and has a hard time getting up to the big power then BAM.
hp looked good but you wouldnt want to be at 9100 rpm in the real world(as opposed to dyno), unless you have crazy gearing in her you just fell on your face power wise...still looked cool to get those numbers from a bombi twin.....the low and mid lag could be due to some extreme porting maybe
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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