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800 recoils

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Has anyone yet found a cure for these "POS" recoils. Fired my 800 summit up the other day and it grenaded while the eng was running. Took out the adapter and blew the recoil to "edit for bad language". Would the recoil and adapter off a 700 work? Anyone tried it or is there a better solution?

I should say, I'm asking if the older steel recoil like the ones found on 670 then early 700 engines will work. Very rarely did I see one of these go south. Thanks James
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Yeah it'll work. I actually have a recoil off a 2003 Rev on my '02 700 right now.

I see BRP has new part numbers most recoils as of last winter. Maybe one of their new, highly overpriced recoils would be the ticket.

Jerry C.
Well as an update, I robbed the recoil & adapter fr my 97 mxz 670 an bolted it on. So far so good, works.
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