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800 PowerTek Mods

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I am looking for some pros and cons from people out there that have had experience with working with performance shops. Currently I have it narrowed down to two shops.

Cudney Racing -
Piston Kit
Clutch Kit
Billet Head
Reed Spacer
Trail Port

They claim about a 10 - 12 hp gain with good pull through the top end with some MPH increase.

Straightline Performance -
Ceramic Coated Single Pipe
Ceramic Coated Silencer
Billet Head
Trail Port
Clutch Kit

They claim 18 hp gain with good pull through the top end some MPH increase.

Anyone work with either of these two shops?
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contact John and Sled head racing and talk with him about what you should do. otherwise go with Rk Tech's engine kit. from what ive heard its good also. but call John or visit his website and check it out.

Big John's Web Site

or his number is 612-718-3861

Good Luck
Thanks...Anybody have else any opinions?????
I did the all the Cudney mods that he recommended to you. I don't know what the actual horsepower increase was, but it was way better than stock. It was better on fuel than it was in stock form and pulled WAY better. Jetted down to 390 and dialed in the clutching to pull at 8100 and it just hauled "edit for bad language". Would definately recommend this setup to anyone.

In fact I liked Bills work so much I sent my engine to him and had it rebuilt from top to bottom. Can hardley wait for snow!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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