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long story

Well saturday night went out to the country where my dads is and worked in the shop with my buddy on his everest, needed a new piston so we rebuilt that one side and than i took it for a rip later that night.Woke up sunday and my nieghboor there just bought a 05 arctic scrap F7 off my cousin(upgraded to a new Mach 1000) so we all went riding to break in the everest,I was riding my 87 safari 377e. we were first playing in some fields of powder and hitting some jumps than an hour or so later we did some top speed runs, that little 343 everest whipped my "edit for bad language" cause its so light.te F7 just destroyed both of us i couldnt even see him haha.
top speeds(this was with the F7 matching us)
Everest- 45mph
Safari- 40mph (was running lean, ill get to that later)
F7- 115mph(he shut it down there as it was getting dark)
Anyways last run we were going all out on the trail and i had it pinned than BOOM, so i had to limp it home, my dad had adjusted it over the week and made it run a little to lean
oh well, this weekend my friend with the everest is bringing out some demo sleds(works at the local doo dealer) so ill see how i like the rev's
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