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mxzjunky said:
Big John can also get you a RK TEK head.
what do those heads run$,.....i heard more coolant flows , perhaps better cooling??? what are the other benfits of a rk head thanx

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Cooling issue is a secondary benefit IMO, the real benefit is the combustion chamber design.All things being equal you can usually run higher compresssion with leaner jetting than you can with the stock head. Those two things alone can make more power, besides any added benefit in combustion process. Plus you can easily get 1/2 your money back out of it when you sell it, try that with porting. So I don't come off as sounding like a sales rep, I will say the stock head works fine in situations like snocross, or on and off the throttle plonking through the trees, slow trails corner to corner etc, in other words situation where wide open pulls aren't in the equation.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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