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550 fan summit

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I'm in south dakota so lack of snow is great and when we do its little and far apart but i do make plenty of trips out west like 5 or 6 a year but still want a sled to ride around here. i'm 6foot 1 and 245 lbs or would you suggest something better.
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I'm not a expert on mountain sleds but I would guess with how often you go out west and your size you would get bored on that sled.
I would recommend the Renegade 800 for ya.

I'm in the state north of ya and bought a Gade for the same reasons, not a ton of trips out west but still like to ditch bang and trail it sometimes and didn't want the pushing of a 144" for the trails. You can easily upgrade to a taller lug track for out west and would work well for boondocking.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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