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500 mxz rebuild

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I am looking at buying a 97 skidoo 500 mxz from a friend he tore the engine apart and then the engine in the sled he uses quit so he needs money and dosent have time to fix this one so i am looking for step by step instructins on how to put it back together pereferably with diagrams or pictures does anyone know where i could fuind this info i need to know asap thanks
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Welcome to the site. You could visit your local ski-doo dealer and order a shop manual specific to your sled. The factory manuals are very informative and the diagrams and illistrations are pretty clear. Abt. $35.00
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You can go on ebay and get a cd with the 97 manual for like $10 or less. I got one for my 98 and one for my old 96 extremely helpful with tons of information in relation to the actual cost. Only downside is that you need a computer infront of you when your working on the sled unless you start printing stuff off.

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