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Hi Guys,

Just in case this may help anyone and save them some cash......My 2009 etec starting beeping at me 4 times, did this for a while intermittently. Took to the dealer, they scanned reflashed found no code other than low voltage code, cleared and they said it was probably okay but I should change the battery, uh okay????......and still the same problem. It finally dropped a cylinder or went into protect mode and when it cooled down was fine again. I took to another dealer and they said they changed the voltage relay, took it out did the same thing........then I found this, see attached. So if anyone runs into the same issues, take a look at the ignition coils. All the beep beep beeping and dealer scanning, made me overlook the obvious. This coil is toast, dielectric grease puking out and it was arcing off the heated visor wire in there... mag side. Just hard to see in there on the trail without pulling out the airbox and shining a light way up inside. Apparently the 2009s were chronic, who knew, lol


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