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2024 yamaha

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The srx retro is awesome. Well done yamaha.
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Yawn, looks like doo leads again this year

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It will still smoke anything from Doo, and it has power steering. They will be sold out again while ski doo has leftovers filling up dealers floors. Just because it's not your cup of tea doesn't make it a great sled.
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It says a lot about someone who has to put down another brand to make them feel better about their choice. Maybe the srx doesn't fit your riding style, but it obviously fits others. Ski doo had 10 years to develop a sled to compete with it and failed. The Mach wasn't even consistent with other Machs.

I think it's great everyone has so many great choices. None of the brands are junk. I'd ride any of them. I've got a ski doo, cat, and polaris in my garage right now.
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So, which doo is faster than an SRX? not the Mach

My local ski doo dealers are loaded with leftovers. I know because I just bought one.
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For sure. Fact is some of my most memorable snowmobiles were and still are Yamaha's. The good old dragrace SRX. The quad piped VMax-4. The ported and piped SX Viper.

Me too. I think there was way more screwing around on the lakes and fields back in the day. Probably because the old sleds sucked when the trails got whooped up.
Theres no way people are standing in line for one.
Not bashing
Considering no changes. I highly dought somone wants to upgrade every year to just get a gifferent color

Atleast doo does some sort of change each year
Obviously, people are, or they wouldn't be sold out. At least they have different colors and graphics. Ski doo has the same exact colors this year as last. Or is the black or gray/silver a different shade?
^^^ I don't think so. They're "sold out" because they only buy a few thousand from Cat.

Pull your head out of the sand and look at the numbers.

The latest sales numbers ('22) show overall world wide sales at 130,644.

Considering Yammi has a 5% market share that's a whooping 6,533 units - total.

Now look at Doo, with over 60% market share, that's over 78,398 units total.

I'll say it again, Doo sells more sleds a month than Yammi sells in an entire year - and the numbers prove that.

Here's a thought - Doo is now selling a few Cats too, I wonder if Doo is selling as many Cats as Yammi is.

Saying "Yammi sold out" is like having puppy's. A dog has a litter of 10 puppy's - 4 yellow, 3 brown, 2 white, and 1 black.

The first 2 people take yellows pups.
The 3rd person takes a brown pup.
The 4th person takes a white pup.

The 5th person takes a black one so now you're out of black puppies. Must be people standing in line for black puppies then, right?

That's the logic you're using.

So one more time, put the shovel down, you can't dig your way out.
I don't know why you get so worked up about it. Yamaha sold out. If you want to qualify it to make yourself feel better, go for it. I'm not sure what "hole" you think that I'm digging. Everything I've stated has been facts. I'm glad Yamaha is still selling snowmobiles. They sold every srx they can produce. Yamaha must be happy with that otherwise they wouldn't do it. It's great for everyone.

Is it not true that the 24 ski doos are practically the same colors as last year? Yamaha has had cool retro graphics the past few years?
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Like when Yamaha sidewinder turbo sleds are blowing tracks right off due to bad adjusters? I met a guy who blew one off in the mountains of Maine and wasn't he mad. To me it looked like a cheap design and failed. Track shot right off snapped. Adjusters all lose and messed up. Artic cat and yamaha both designing this or just yamaha?
Is that a known issue or a one-off fluke? Ive personally havent seen that issue on a cat or a yamaha. I saw a 2023 xrs on the trail with a broken chaincase. Cheap design or user error? See how that works?
I love snowmobiles. I'm not brand loyal or go out of my way to put down someone elses choice in type/brand. Others seem to enjoy bashing brands to make them feel better about themselves. NO brand is without issues. It's just that we happen to play down such issues when they are "our brand."
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Kind of a known issue rumor has it. The guy who had his track fall off seemed to think he was not the only one. I know next to nothing about sidewinders however.
I believe the rear suspension components are the same as the cats. I haven't heard of this issue before on cats. The tensioner is a simple design, and I can't see how they could fail without user error.
Fixed it for you.

You must like black puppies.
What's your point?
There is no way Yammi told Arctic Cat "I know we can sell 30,000 sleds, we literally have people lined up wanting them, but that'd make us too much money, so please, only sell us 6,000 machines". They're not taking 30,000 sleds because (1) Cat can't supply that many, and more so, (2) they simply can't sell that many.

Yammi is at Cats mercy, and that's not a good place to be.

They do have sweet graphics though.
You seem to be the only one worried about how many units they can make and sell. I'm just happy they are still selling. Would it be better for everyone if there was only one brand to choose from? I think not.
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It wasn't bragging. There were comments about how bad of a sled they were, re badged cat, etc. I was just pointing out that someone must like them if they sell everyone they make. (No matter thr quantity) They might not be your cup of tea, and I agree that it's probably not for where you ride. A 600 is plenty for tug hill. But there are riding areas where the srx/tcat shine. If cat sold Thundercats to doo along with zr120s and 200s, there would be people on here bragging on how great they were with ski doo stickers.
At this point what does Cat derive from the arrangement when it comes to the design/engineering/production of THEIR sleds?
4 stroke turbo is what cat gets out of.thr deal.
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