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2019 600R Fuel Pump bucket install?

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Beginning last year I noticed a small, intermittent fuel leak coming from just under the fuel tank. I canceled a ride after taking it apart right at the trail head. Thought it was fixed. Got it back together and it still leaked. The tank had not been apart prior. I lifted the tank once to install the tunnel protectors, but had never taken the bucket out or broken it's seal. I made several failed attempts at fixing it throughout the season, thinking it was fixed.

Now that there is time I took it apart again. Thought I got a good seal, put it back together and again it leaks. This isn't that hard of a process. What is hard is getting the seal back in and the bucket seated squarely. Once enough pressure is applied the bucket assembly is firmly seated and doesn't move at all. Seems like it's in. Replace the retaining ring and check it. leaks. The seal looks fine. I've tried various lubes on the seal, even freezing it to limit it's ability to pinch. It seems like it goes in, but always leaks. I've worked a lot in the past with these types of pump/buckets in cars in the past. No such issues.

A check of the maintenance manual says the seal needs to be replaced every time. We all know that that normally means. But in this case maybe it really means something. The fit is so tight I'm thinking it tends to swell when exposed to fuel. Or there is a small crack in the bucket cover somewhere that I simply can't see. I've ordered a new $25 dollar seal, $35 after shipping. Only to find out that it is a special order item and my take some time to show up.

I hate letting something sit waiting for a part that I don't know will fix an odd problem. Any techs out there that can tell me if this is normal? In the mean time I'm going to take a closer looks for a crack or something in the bucket lid.

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I opened my tank 3 times and never replaced the seal, as you did I needed to lube the O-ring to get it closed.
I would look at the "bucket" for a crack.
I've also not have replaced my o-ring. I do lightly lube it with 2-cycle oil before install, and I install it with the tank vertical.
Thanks all.

Working with it vertical leaning against the bench is the only way to work on it.

I did look very closely at the top of the bucket. Just don’t see any thing. I did try freezing the ring seal in hopes of making it less flexible. While it did make it less flexible it still only went in under great force. I’m 6’1” 240. It takes all my weight off the ground at times to get it together. The bucket will be in place but leaks when the tank is tilted to put fuel against the top of the bucket. I’ve tried it with the seal bottomed in its seat in the tank before putting the bucket in, and with the seal around the top of the bucket. It always seems like it’s goes in. But still leaks.

Here’s the kicker. The leak is in a different part of the top every time. I converted a cooling system pressure tester to pressure test the tank as per the BRP manual. It leaks at the seal around the outside of the bucket top.

All indications are that the seal has simply swollen too much. plenty of time. I’ll see how the new seal does when it gets here.

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