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Item: 2016 XM SP T3 800 163 3 inch track
Category: Sled
Year: 2016
Location: Steamboat Springs Colorado
Price: 10,000 obo

New 2016 XM SP T3 800 with 163 track 3 inch lug only 215 miles. Cheetah factory racing color white straight bars with skidoo adjustable riser, TTS can, ice scratchers, skid plate, also have a brand new BCA tunnel bag still in the plastic and box. Bought new at Granby Power world in Granby Colorado in January of 2016. Chain case oil replaced less then a month ago no rides on the new oil. Sled is in perfect shape. Few scratches here and there on the plastics. Color is the red and white. Warranty expires on January 11th I think. But if you go into the dealer before then you can add 1,2 or 3 more years to the factory bumper to bumper warranty. Priced from I think but don't quote me is $700-$900. $900 would be for the 3 more years factory warranty. Never been wrecked, perfectly straight. Was just at Steamboat Power Sports for the chain case and yearly look over. Came back with clean bill of health. Awesome strong sled. Always from day one used 91 octane ethanol free fuel. Also have a brand new in the box BCA extendable shovel and avi probe. The BCA tunnel bag and shovel and probe are extra cost. Will post pics when I get home from work. View attachment 1492241 View attachment 1492233


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