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Not meant to be a slam on either machine, rather it is meant to be information from my observations.

My brother has the Polaris and I have the Ski-doo. We both went up to Northern WI over the weekend of the 22-24th of Jan. He loves his Polaris, and I love my Ski-doo.

Both machines are new and in break in mode. In fact, I'm at 491mi and still have 6% break in left!!!

My brother and I drove the exact same mileage and when we stopped to fill up we had the following results:

Stop #1, Polaris 5 gallons, Ski-doo 4 gallons (78-ish mi).

Stop #2, Polaris 7.1gallons, Ski-doo 5.8 gallons (98.1mi).

My brother wanted to switch sleds during the first day ride, so I switched with him. I'll tell ya, I was very impressed with the Polaris! The only negative I could really say about it was the amount of vibration that I felt in my feet and in my hands. My Ski-doo has MUCH less vibration in the feet and none from the handlebars.

I'm not a brand loyal kind of guy. I go with what fits me best at the time, as well as what manufacturer has the features I'm looking for at the time that I want to buy. In this case, it was the 800R Etec motor with its great mileage and great oil consumption.
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