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Item: 2013 600RS pro open mod/RS parts
Category: Sled
Year: 2013
Location: Buffalo,NY
Price: $1

Hey guys,
Swapping in a 770 so no need for these parts now:

600rs mod air box and silicone hose I had custom made with boost clamps to hook up to any xp/xs/xm style hood air intake and run tmx carbs. -$100

600rs carbs, wiring, primer, tps sensor, throttle cable $200

600rs pipe and y pipe. The y pipe was brand new 500 miles ago the pipe is in good shape but had a second egt bung setup that has been welded shut. Clamshells are ugly but the pipe was just stripped and painted two years ago with VHT. $75 for both

Will ship on your dime! I'll add more parts soon also have 600rs vforce reeds with 500 miles on them and a top end that locked a ring also with only 500 miles. One bore was scuffed the other is mint no major gouges etc.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts