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Looking for some help....
Yesterday my sled acted like it fouled a plug when I stopped at a trail crossing. It had been running fine all day. I put new plugs in, it was slightly better but not 100%. Took it easy for next 5 miles where we were grabbing dinner, it seemed better but idle was high and bouncing between 2200 and 2300, it usually is 1800.

When this problem started I noticed my fuel gauge went to zero bars and started flashing then the out of fuel light came on. Not sure what the flashing means especially since I had abou 7 gallons.

After sitting for an hour it seemed to get better, fuel gauge went back to over half the bars and fuel light went off. 15 miles later the gauges started blinking again and when I slowed down acted like fouled plug.

Had same issue last year dealer hooked it up said cleared 4 codes (can't remember what they were) and all was well again.

Went to dealer but they said couldn't look at it until Saturday, wouldn't even hook it up to if any codes.

Anyone else ever experience this or have idea on what it could be?

Had new key programmed 2 weeks and 400 miles ago and tech said it showed 3 codes for overheat condition, not sure if related but assume it is.
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